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Europe Civil Protection_Study on wild fire fighting resources sharing models

As part of the Preparatory Action on an EUi rapid response capability 2009, the Commission decided to look into potential improvements for sharing wild fire fighting resources within the EUi, on the basis of ai study on arrangements for sharing of such resources that have been tested in other parts of the world.

The study was prepared in 2010 by EPEC-GHK and it looked into arrangements within the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, notably with regard to governance, asset procurement, resources sharing and management, operational standards and response mechanisms, cost-sharing and system financing, monitoring / early warning systems and preparedness, training and qualifications. While the systems analysed are those of federal or unitary states and therefore different from the EUi, there are valuable lessons that can be useful in developing the European arrangements. The study found ai wide diversity among these systems but also important common elements. In all of the systems there is ai central hub for resource exchange among the member organisations, which is ai coordinating platform for either all operations or those that can not be handled at provincial/ state level. Assets that are made available for sharing are either procured at the federal level (US federal agencies being one example) or at the sub-federal levels. In all cases the higher national/federal level is co-financing some of the costs of these assets, while there is also an established cost-sharing mechanism on the basis of pre-identified calculation methods, based on the actual use of assets (exception being New Zealand, which has ai specific model as compared to the other analysed countries).

On the basis of the case-studies, the consultant has also developed ai series of options for the further development of the European Civil Protection Mechanism as regards arrangements for wild fire fighting resource sharing.

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