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Civil Protection Financial Instrument

The Civil Protection Financial Instrument was set up in 2007 and aims at supporting and complementing the efforts of Member States for the protection, primarily of people, but also of the environment and property, including cultural heritage, in the event of natural and man-made disasters, acts of terrorism and technological, radiological or environmental accidents. Furthermore, it intends to facilitate reinforced co-operation between the Member States in the field of civil protection.

The Civil Protection Financial Instrument covers all three main aspects of civil protection activities: prevention, preparedness and response. It foresees the financing of the following activities:
■response and preparedness actions covered by the EUi'si Civil Protection Mechanism, e.g. training, exercises and missions;
■studies and projects on prevention and preparedness;
■co-financing the transport of assistance from Member States operating under the Mechanism.

The financial envelope allocated to the instrument under the EUi'si 2007-13 financial framework amounts to €189.8 million. Indicative annual amounts of €20 million are available for actions within the EUi and €8 million for actions in third countries.

For more information on Annual Work Programmes and Projects selected under the Call for Proposals for Prevention and Preaparedness in Civil Protection (from 2007 to 2012) please visit:


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