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Institut National de Recherche en Sciences et Technologies pour L'Environnement et L'Agriculture

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The EMAX (Ecosystèmes Méditerrannéens et Risques AiX-en-Provence) team will have a leading role in 3 work packages: on the analysis of fire patterns disentangling climate and landscape effects (co-leader WP13), assessment of the fires risks at the WUI (leader of WP24) and the vulnerability of fire prone ecosystems (co-leader 3.2).
Work packages
In the last five years, the EMAX team has been involved in many regional, national (ANR INC, Drought+, Forest-Focus IRISE) and European level research programs (FP6-FIREPARADOX, FP7-EBONE) on Ecology and fire risks.
Brief description of the legal entity
Irstea is a research organization which, since more than 30 years, works on major issues of a responsible agriculture and territories sustainable planning, water management and related risks, drought, floods, inundations, the biodiversity and complex ecosystems study in their interrelation with human activities. Multidisciplinary research, appraisal and support to "agri-environmental" public policies ", partnership with territorial authorities and actors of the economic world, such are the characteristics of Irstea, qualified "Carnot Institute". In the continuity of the research model of Cemagref, every day our engineers and our researchers put a lot of themselves into their mission : to take up the challenge of global change comprehension for a sustainable and environmentally friendly development.


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Universidad de Córdoba (Spain) - 15th-17th January 2014

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Research Areas 2 and 5

The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) is issuing a...