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Finnish Meteorological Institute

Short name

The main task of the research team in FUME is, in co-operation with other partners, to assess the temporal and spatial variation of forest fires in the boreal forests in Europe by taking into account the climatological and socioeconomic changes that have taken place. Further, the aim is to examine the influence of climate change on forest fire risk in the boreal forest in Europe and in similar type of conditions elsewhere in the world.
Work packages
The research team is responsible of the development and fire risk estimation methods that are used routinely in Finland. There have been a number of national projects where the fire risk in the boreal forests has been examined. Team has close contacts with forest research institutes. As a partner in the EU funded projects PREVIEW and ENSEMBLES the team has conducted European scale forest fire research and gained experience that is very relevant also from the point of this project.
Brief description of the legal entity
FMI is a governmental institute for atmospheric research and weather services. It has over 500 full-time employees and about 200 scientists. The main research topics are atmospheric modeling, global change, space research and remote sensing techniques and applications. Climate change research includes development of climate scenarios, research on impacts of climate change, analysis of observed climate variations and trends, stratospheric ozone research, measurements of trace gases and particulate compounds in the atmosphere, and modeling of their fluxes.


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