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National Institute for Research in Rural Engineering, Water and Forest

Short name

INRGREF contributes to the national strategy of research in the field of water, forest, land management, protection and conservation of natural resources. The research themes made in the institute and linked with the project subject concern essentially forest fire, climatic changes and social and economical evolution effects on the fire risk, the post fire regeneration dynamics of vegetation and the prescribed burning.
Work packages
The main part of the research activities in the INRGREF are in direct relation with the management of forest ecosystems. This institute has a large experience in the conservation of the natural resources. The most important objective of the research group is to develop different strategies for protection of forest ecosystems according to human activities and to use meteorological models to estimate the fire risk in the Mediterranean ecosystems. The INRGREF is developing, in cooperation with Europeans and North African countries, various programs of forest protection against fire and prescribed burning notably: - European project FIREPARADOX: FP6-018505 and - COST Action FP0701, Post-Fire Forest Management in Southern Europe. In addition, the research team has participated in some projects related to land restoration and forest fires.
Brief description of the legal entity
The National Institute for Research in Rural Engineering, Water and Forest (INRGREF) is a public research institution affiliated under the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of Tunisia.


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Universidad de Córdoba (Spain) - 15th-17th January 2014

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