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Institut de Recherche pour le Développement

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The leader of the IRD group will be the leader of WP 2.3. IRD will be involved in modules 1 and 2. Mod. 1: land-use/land cover change and fire mapping (WP 11, 12) will be done at the regional and local level in France and Northern Africa, and social aspect will be developed in Tunisia. The group will also participate in the attribution exercise (WP13). Mod. 2: participation in projecting fire danger and risk at large and local scales in building and using models and datasets (WP22) and in conducting experiments to determine vegetation vulnerabilities in the field in Tunisia and in the greenhouse in Montpellier (WP23, 24). IRD will contribute with the Northern African partners for data collection and field experiments.
Work packages
F. Mouillot has been conducting fire related studies since 10 years from the local to landscape and global level, and participated in the European project LUCIFER in 1997-2000. He is now involved in climate change projects with engineer A. Rocheteau both on the experimental side and regional modeling side. He is also leading a French project with Tunisian and Algerian Partners since 2007 about Mediterranean ecosystems vulnerability in Northern Africa, including social aspects lead by H. Nouri in Tunisia.
Brief description of the legal entity
IRD is a public French research institution linked to both the science and research minister and the minister of foreign Affairs. It is composed of ca. 2200 employees, 43% of them working for scientific cooperation in 22 developing countries where IRD installed permanent offices (as in Tunis-Tunisia, and Rabat-Morocco). IRD has a department of natural resources which includes activities in agronomy and ecosystems.


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Universidad de Córdoba (Spain) - 15th-17th January 2014

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