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Northern Arizona University

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United States of America
Participate in WP 2.2 with NKUA to address research questions relating to (1) fire ecology of cool Mediterranean Pinus nigra forests, (2) assess structural and fuel characteristics of old P. nigra stands, (3) determine whether historical fire regime attributes can be reconstructed from fire-scarred trees and age distributions, and (4) applying information about the historical fire adaptations of the old forest to modern management planning in the context of changing climate and fire hazard ( WP3.2.2 with CEAM and NKUA)
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Twenty years experience in fire ecology research in the USA, Mexico, and recently in Europe, applying dendrochronology and modeling to the reconstruction of historical fire regimes and forest/fuel structures. Extensive experimental studies, collaboration with a wide variety of interdisciplinary and international research teams.
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Northern Arizona University is a comprehensive public institution serving over 20,000 students with academic degrees from the Bachelors to Doctoral levels. The School of Forestry includes 24 faculty members, 227 undergraduate and 84 graduate students. The School is nationally and internationally prominent in forest ecology and wildland fire. The Ecological Restoration Institute (ERI) integrates research with management applications for restoration of dry forested ecosystems. Peter Fulé is the Managing Director of ERI, which has 27 professional staff members (ecologists, foresters, GIS) and supports 30 undergraduate and 12 graduate students.


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Universidad de Córdoba (Spain) - 15th-17th January 2014

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The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) is issuing a...