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University of Arizona

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United States of America
The University of Arizona team will collaborate with our European partners on the basis of the exchange of expertise and approaches to knowledge transfer and community engagement. Specifically, we will leverage a major multi-organization effort called “Firescape” to introduce alternative knowledge transfer approaches to FUME. Firescape is an initiative to move from beyond tactical fire management to a landscape-scale fire, forest management, and restoration. This approach is being designed and tested within a fire prone and populated region in southeastern Arizona, USA. Based on participatory research, it employs a bi-directional exchange of knowledge, facilitated and collaborative knowledge transfer, and the use of multi-criteria decision support tools (WALTER to move from traditional science dissemination to an engagement that actively links research and practice.
Work packages
Barron Orr is a specialist in knowledge transfer. He is one of the three original “Geospatial Extension Specialists” in the U.S. affiliated with NASA, NOAA and USDA working to bridge the science and technology gap between Earth systems science and technology innovations and the needs of potential users through the Cooperative Extension translational science network. Don Falk’s research focuses on multi-scale fire history, fire-climate relationships, fire ecology, dendroecology, and landscape-scale restoration ecology. Thomas Swetnam studies disturbances and the effects of climate change on forest ecosystems. He uses dendrochronology (tree rings) in combination with other natural archives and documentary sources to reconstruct the histories of fire, insect outbreaks, human land uses, and climate.
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Arizona Board of Regents, University of Arizona, P.O. Box 3308, Tucson AZ 85722-3308, USA. The University of Arizona (UAriz) is a U.S. land-grant state educational institution, established in 1885 under law passed in 1862. It is the leading public research university in the American Southwest, producing more than $530 million in annual research and other learning opportunities for 35,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Through Cooperative Extension, UAriz extends its research and resources to enrich communities around the state and around the world.


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Universidad de Córdoba (Spain) - 15th-17th January 2014

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