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Universidad de Cantabria

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UC will participate in those tasks related to weather and climate and their relationship with fire: WP1.2, WP2.1 and WP4.1 (leader of this task), with participation of personnel from the Dept. Applied Mathematics and the Institute of Physics IFCA. IFCA is a mixed institute of Cantabria University and Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC); thus CSIC will act as a related party in this project.
Work packages
The research group in data mining and climate research ( conducts research on different topics related to weather forecast and climate change. In particular, this group is specialized in the production of regional climate change scenarios using statistical downscaling techniques to project low-resolution outputs from global models to high-resolution related surface variables. This group is a partner of the 6th FP ENSEMBLES project, participating in tasks dealing with climate change regional projection and connection with end-uses; for instance, this group is responsible of the data access and downscaling portals.
Brief description of the legal entity
The University of Cantabria (UC) is one of the leading research universities in Spain. With an overall of 1,098 professors and researchers (485 Ph.D. permanent staff), 28% women, UC has been involved in the European Framework Programmes (FP) from the beginning of these actions. The UC Research Groups have participated in 27 European Projects in the Fifth FP and 16 the Sixth FP, in fields such as information society technologies, genomics and biotechnology, high energy physics, climate research, etc.


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Universidad de Córdoba (Spain) - 15th-17th January 2014

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Research Areas 2 and 5

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