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USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station, Forest Fire Laboratory at Riverside

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United States of America
Dr. González-Cabán will participate in all three WPs related to the social and economic response to changes in fire regime. In WP 3.1 will collaborate to determine the costs associated to changes in planning. The experience of the valuation of the system for fire management in Spain will be a basis from which operate. In WP 3.2 will collaborate with strategies aiming at reducing fire risk, while maintaining other values. The experience gained in studies carried out in California with the costing of various alternatives, will be a valuable one to compare. In WP 3.3, is where the core involvement is expected in regard to the economic implications. To this end, he will interact with the partners involved in this WP and provide input from experience gained in the USA.
Work packages
Dr. González Cabán has been working on fire economics research since 1980 when developing the Forest Service Fire Economics Evaluation System. He has also worked in development of the first economic evaluation system for fire management programs in Spain, completed in 2007. For the past 15 years he has been working on valuation of nonmarket goods and services produced from forest lands and affected by wildfires. Nonmarket values are a significant contributor to the total cost of wildfires. In order to determine the true total economic cost of wildfires nonmarket values must be accounted for. Additionally, he has been working on fire management decision making processes in large fires and fire managers risk attitudes and its effects on wildfire costs.
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The Forest Fire Laboratory, Riverside, CA is a field station of the Pacific Southwest Research Station, US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service. This facility specializes in forest fires related research, covering the following areas: fire management, fire meteorology, fire behavior, fire effects and prescribed burning; also atmospheric deposition and recreation research. Fire related research has been conducted continuously on this facility since its establishment in 1963.


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Universidad de Córdoba (Spain) - 15th-17th January 2014

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