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University of Wollongong, Centre for Environmental Risk Management of Bushfires

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CERMB can contribute an Australian perspective to the three main FUME research themes, including specific results from northern, tropical savannas and south eastern forests and woodlands. This would include: landscape analysis of fire regime patterns and sensitivity to management (i.e. 1 – historical change); simulation modeling of sensitivity of fire regimes to climate change and management (i.e. 2 – predictions of future change), and; modeling of risk management strategies and cost benefit analyses (i.e. 3 – mitigation/adaptation). These contributions would reflect both existing and planned, future projects.
Work packages
CERMB staff and collaborators have wide-ranging experience in research on fire ecology and fire management in varied Australian ecosystems.
Brief description of the legal entity
The CERMB is a joint venture between the University of Wollongong, the State Government of New South Wales (NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change and the NSW Rural Fire Service). The aim is to improve our understanding of risks posed by fire regimes to key management values (e.g. people, property, biodiversity, air quality, catchments, carbon sequestration). CERMB is involved in local and national assessments of fire regimes and biodiversity responses to climate change. Response of fire regimes to management and climate change is a key CERMB research priority. Multi-disciplinary approaches to this problem are being used (e.g. fire weather and fire area analyses, simulation modeling, vegetation gradient analyses). CERMB is also involved in other research on fire risk: e.g. fuel, emissions, smoke and carbon, plus development of management systems.


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